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John is a professional vocalist and songwriter from Des Moines, Iowa. At all types of Christian events he demonstrates unique writing ability along with unparalleled vocal and piano skills. This is all quite amazing because he reads no formal music and has had no voice training.

His gifts are very evidently from the Holy Spirit and are demonstrated in his recorded collections, including his latest, "The Whisper in the Other Ear". The majority of these songs were recorded live in the studio in just a few takes with virtually no overdubbing. It is a beautiful collection of high praise and contemplative music, including a few instrumentals.

John has ministered throughout the midwest and northeast regions of the USA at worship services for healing and reconciliation, Charismatic and Marian gatherings as well as Catholic liturgies and ecumenical praise and worship services. His versatile style compliments prayer and praise in nearly any form. John knows he has been "called" to serve through the humility and grace of the Lord and says, "I am YOUR instrument, Lord; USE ME!"




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