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Luka Balvan was born in 1967 in Banja Luka, in catholic family as a forth child of father Mirko and mother Ana. Three days after his birth he was baptized in the church of St. Anthony of Padova. His contact with music begins very early and since he was ten, he had taken private guitar lessons. At the end of elementary school education he starts playing in school choir and folklore group. In the beginning of secondary school (14 years), together with his friends he had founded a music group and continued playing upon the birthday and wedding celebrations, in hotels, restaurants and terraces upon see. In 1976 he enrolls in the faculty of Machinery where he gets high school diploma. Arriving at Zagreb he gets into contact with catholic seminars for evangelism and spiritual exercises led by prominent Croat theologians, since that very moment has begun his spiritual birth and perception of spiritual dimension as an important element in man `s life. In the year 1993, his first album "Don `t be afraid because I `m with you" is released. It `s motto "SONGS TO GOD AND MAN" has been leading him ever since. He believes that God is weaved in man `s whole life, family, work, problems, homeland. He starts independent tours all over Croatia, Italy, Germany, France, Austria and presents himself on youth-pilgrimages all over Europe. He is particularly engaged in church-weddings, book –promotions and openings off gallery exhibitions, Croatian newspaper and journals write critics about him. His video-spots are shown in the emissions of Croatian televisions channels. Croatian radio stations have as well emitted his songs, since 1994 he has started leading courses in guitar schools, in parishes and monasteries. In the spring of 1995 his second album is released under the tittle "Look at me just once". He decides to make a step forward in his songs and sings of God, family, homeland with the constant motto "SONGS TO GOD AND MAN". He starts again performing in Croatia and abroad, after his family in 1993, because of war circumstances, had to leave their hometown. One of his songs is devoted to his city. By cooperating with vicarage of Banja Luka and community of north-western Bosnia Croats he starts a project "There is a city". At the end of 1995, recording of song and music-documentary video spot has been finished. After that, an album "There is a city" as a compilation of patriotic songs is released. This project was made as a moral support of Croats exiled from Banja Luka and the whole Bosnia. A particular thing of special importance is his performance in Loreto (Italy) on the European meeting of youth with pope John Paul II, which was held in September 1995., as well as performance on the world-youth meeting in Paris 1997, than meeting of Croatian catholic youth in Split and Solin 08.-09. 06.1996. (Croatia). Since the release of his first album, his wish has been the restoration of the family-spirit through his songs. The result of it was the national project "Cathetic songs for all ages". In the spring of 1996, in the cooperation with cathetic office of the diocese of Zagreb, is released an album under the same title and Luka shows up as an author of the project. It `s aim is spiritual restoration through the most famous religious songs that have been sung in the Catholic church of Croats for ages. In the autumn of 1996, his album "SONGS TO GOD AND MAN" is released as a compilation of the best songs from the period (1993-1996). In the spring of 1997 he starts a project "Songs of Maria for all generations". It was released in corporation with the parish of St. Anthony of Assisi in Lipik and profit of the selling album was given for the reconstruction of the parish church that was destroyed during the agression on Croatia. Since 1995 he has been a member of the Croatian Music Union and in summer of 1997 he opened music-publishing house "Gitara" which does the publishing of sound carriers and works executive production. Project "Christmas songs-towards the 3rd Millenium" is the first one where "Gitara" together with Croatian catholic radio appears as a publisher. In the spring of 1998 he starts music project "With the Pope by Mary to Christ". He gathers singers who are promoting spiritual music in Croatia. They united as "CROATIAN CATHOLIC BAND AID" and performed a song on the occasion of pope John Paul `s second visit to Croatia. During the same year he works as a master of ceremonies on radio Maria, in the emission "My favorite song" and following year as an editor and master of ceremonies in the emission " Flowers of St. Anthony". In the beginning of the year 1999 two of his albums are released ("The saint of the whole world" – devoted to St. Anthony and "My river calls yours one" – devoted to Christian families). He is particularly grateful to God and all the people who supported him either materially or spiritually during these years of his existential crisis. Being aware that without God `s help he could not do anything Luka follows his heart and wants to completely fulfil God `s plan for himself in order to be worthy of calling himself a man.


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