P a o l a   M a s c h i o

My name is Paola Maschio, the wife of Roberto Bignoli, a singer songwriter who has been and is inspired by the message of Christ. For several years now I have been working on the spreading of information relating to Christian music across the internet, because I vehemently believe in evangelisation, even through music and also because there is currently no other information source available.

The fact is, that living Roberto’s and other singer-songwriters’ experiences in person I can honestly say that I am convinced of the benefits that exist in offering one’s art to bear witness that God exists in this day and age when so many are trying at all costs to deny His very existence.

This is the commitment  that springs from the desire to give voice to and to promote Christian music. It is a commitment that takes up a lot of my time and asks me to sacrifice a great deal. But my sole desire is to help Christian artists so that they do not feel abandoned and lone, and to stimulate them to go on despite the multitude of obstacles that they encounter in the world of music where more often than not one is one’s own producer and manager. The result is that this ends up requiring a great deal of effort and it is right and proper therefore that someone compensates them for their efforts. As the saying goes “one thing leads to another”.

In my view the opportunities in the Catholic world today to organise concerts, town square events, festivals with Christian artists are many. Often however, both out of fear or because it is more important to hear people say…. “Do you know who came and performed where we live…. he’s famous” one hides behind the facade of traditional shows.

What can I offer? Artists’ biographies; record reviews; photos, the possibility of helping with the organising of concerts with one or more artists; contacts with the Catholic and secular press; the handling of press reviews,  and a whole lot more!!!!!


 ·        Born in Verona on the 29th of June 1966, Paola is married to Roberto Bignoli and is the mother of two little girls.

·            Secondary School Qualification from the Liceo Linguistico, with periods spent in England in Malvern, Exeter and London.

·            In 1992 Paola married Roberto Bignoli, a Christian Singer Songwriter. They have two young daughters, Mariastella and Mariachiara

·            Worked for a company in the pharmaceutical sector for 10 years, with particular areas of responsibility in sales, import, and exports of raw materials.

·            From 1984 to 1994 she attended most of the concerts given by Roberto Bignoli and other Italian and Foreign Christian artists.

·            Since 1995 she has been involved in the promotion of Christian music via the internet and the press (newspapers and radio)

·           In 1999 she created the web site for the Christian Artists' in Europe, Associazione Magnificat.

·            In March 2000 she created the web site "Informazione Musica Cristiana" ("Christian Music Information")IMC

·            Has worked with a number of radio stations and daily and weekly newspapers.

·       Press Officer for:
the international festival "Giovani 2000 lasciateci nascere - Sanremo Cristiana 1999" ("Youth 2000 let us be born - Christian Sanremo 1999";
the first international festival of Christian artists "Il Mondo Canta Maria" ("The World Sings Mary") 2000 and 2001;
the International meeting of Youth in Schio, Italy 1999/2000/ 2001;
the Jubilee Gospel Festival in Turin;
the Festival of Christian Music "Insieme per un mondo d'amore - Gesů in concerto" (Together for a world full of love - Jesus in Concert) Acquarossa, Switzerland 2000 - 2001;
the 7th Marian Event in Bitonto - Bari;
Others events for 2001 - Project Alzheimer.

·        Works with Christian Artists' Associations and is a member of:
     CAM (USA),
     "Il Mio Dio Canta Giovane" ("My Lord Sings Youth)(Italy);

·        She works with Don Paolo Auricchio, chaplain to the Nisida youth prison, singer songwriter and the person responsible for the On Tour web page that highlights and promotes forthcoming Christian music concerts in Italy.





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